Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby

#16 Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby

Episode Summary

Welcome to the 16th episode of Unfiltered with Matthew Barnaby. On today’s episode Barns reflects on his recent trip to Vancouver. Well…the parts he can remember. He obviously made a pit stop at the famous Roxy Cabaret. Barns gets into the NHL Draft. We talk about the top 10 picks in depth. Barns gives us some great picks, surprises, winners, the future of the league, trades, free agency, and buyouts. It has been a wild weekend, to say the least. Jack Hughes is a stud. Barns draws parallels to Auston Matthews. New Jersey also acquired P.K Subban from Nashville. Barns loves the deal. Subban is a monster. Ray Shero is a genius. We discuss the Toronto Maple Leafs. What will Mitch Marner do? We talk about all the possibilities. Kyle Dubas off-loaded Patrick Marleau to round off his Draft weekend. The UFA class of 2019 is absolutely stacked. It’s insane. We go over all the guys who will be getting PAID. Barns’ recalls a story from his draft in 1992 and the time a player called the police after getting hit by a slap shot. We close with some advice for the young kids coming into the league and some twitter questions. Enjoy!